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             Love, Emotions, and Art


The one who is stripped of all emotions, feels no differences, and doesn’t care at all.

 That means, living  as alive dead.!

Heart, love, pledge; we can say,

as a thread between humankind~

it means every thing.

As they give us also a feeling that we are  still alive, and would be there, to  endure our mutual everlasting human's emotions.          

The emotions where, and will still be  the  human entity core; as well the real cause   in relishing  our life’s meaning!

And who is devoid & deprived from;  conseiving  these as a weakness, those whom couldn’t and can’t live for these words and their glory!

                       *              *            *

The one who doesn’t feel a tablue, not moved with a poetry, nor interreacting with a drama, and doesn’t care to these valuables, whom their carelessness has originated from his/her childhood, later reflected on their personality, consequently  have a role in creating their cruelty and harshness.!

So in order to  live with such emotions with tender heart, and stay full human, would have them in an appropriate  approaching to.

                               *              *             *

This, has been for ages known  to him, when he decided to pick up an issue  to live with, and trying to make  some differences in it.

He never forgot  the day when he testified  in a real love moment,

when he sensed, how a rainy cloud is relishing the lighting while trembles and shivering under the thunderbolt embrace.!

In that moment he believed in all human’s emotions, in amorous affections, in how  they have the  capability of changing life aspects, changing  negative to positive, dislike to likeable, harshness to tenderness, then human to a real human.!

                           *             *               *

Once, while his palm was read by a palm reader girl or as he thought of her, she hinted as she tells him “all your thought, which you are  thinking of  I own their heroes and only with me your thoughts will be revered  and honored.”

So, he also wanted to know more about her and  farther more of understanding  her profound reality, to show her  also "the world of humanity grieve" and to present  her for the very first time "an outcast and  a rejected Kurdish person..!!

He likes to enrich   himself by her loving, language richness, and her excited

personality-the things which can consequently provoke  more related issues.!


He realized all his goals, his wishes, all  reputation could be found within hers, as he  knew also, she can motivate  many  involved subjects.

                        *               *                 *

And because she was an artist, she wished to mixed up her feminine intuition along with her artistic influence, so to  affect all  people  around, and provoke an artistic attitudes to get with also the control of many things–the very first, "the empowering her feminine intuition.!"

She wished to exploit her qualities  to enhance her integrity for the benefit of  some invisible values-things when every one  feel it but not touchable.

She was liking to lead other people to the station  where the backwardness and retardation  is attributed to, and  placed.!
She wanted to put her finger on the spot~

where the free expression of a pretty lady has influence & all her gestures works out! but she was also watching out  how and when to declare itself through her artistic attitude..!!

                            *                *                 *

Although, as a young lady, she was  living in the joy of her fame and reputability, she also saw her beauty everyday within her perspective in a different way.!

Once she told her friend:

-I am the top ten of  beauty.

For ages, she has discovered her loveliness amid many things, through other’s sharp and intensive glances of love  followed her traces  everywhere, and  before that she had discovered  herself in the mirror, while she always kept herself  in front of it, staring at  her beauty,  such mirror was the only and her  very first friend.!

 Her later friend also felt her as a beautiful surprise in his life, but noticed too that she was living joyfully with out watching  hers getting into thirty of years, and still  unmarried, then he realized that every thing in the life in this community, even joyness has its own taxes!

He didn’t apprehend  why this society pursue the miner things, while leaving the major determinant ones.!

They track every one how much and how he or she  follow or abide traditions, which meaning how they should  have to go within two personalities-one imprisoned and belongs to them, and the other  free, which he or she have to live with,  in the society..!!

                    *            *               *

 Another day, once again she told her friend~

-How do you see me?

-You a brilliant star. He replied.

-I am the moon among all stars. She answered proudly.

Then he realized of another one of her characters, she was loving herself to the selfishness extent, she wished her glory overwhelming all people around her, and not liking to disguise or conceal her appearance, because she preferred also being tolerant with liberal beauty.!

She wanted every one feels her beauty, then  expressing their feelings in a note or  within a hint, so to make her living with it as a kind of  pride!

She had a generous elegance, deep romace, which was looked like a conveying of an aura  of elegance and gentility.!

But, so far no one was able to or uses her characters to beautify society’s backwarded aspects of  the life; Her opened views, her attractive sight, her sweet dialect, and her glory could have be exploited or inspired in numerous useful stories and tens of artistic tablues-which leads to a delightful aspects of the  life, and magnificent identity.!

                            *                  *                    *

That lady at a time, seemed liking farther approaching -inclined to say or doing something, not anymore lingering behind, when her eyes were  hiding a magic and  a weird looking, with  specified waiting..!!

And her defied eyes, with a delicate, touchy watching, while she was killing the time, by holding/rolling a glass of water in her glass-like fingers.!

He doesn’t know what she aims to, but he felt that she was holding  an unrestness in her feelings. She was waiting  a word, a sense here and there~ a different behavior within a different man..!!

She  was there for smelling some odd fancies of fanciers, she was there for watching and catching up every bit or some drops of desires out there, all by her sharp feminine awareness..!!

She wouldn’t  wait  drinking  water in one or two dosage by her rosy lips, rather she was staying and anticipating a larger unknown secret.

Meanwhile, he also watching her face figures, her delicious, warm mouth and lips, her snow-like bright white cleavage~
when she melted all into  his eyes, and the two exchanged many fancies in a mutual admiration.

And when liberally and generously forwarded herself and sat next to him, he felt many heads moved around, glances  directed to him..!!

And she told him "if i have believe in something, I don’t care anybody whatever they say or whoever be."

She again reminded  him of an old and  still alive traditions.

And reminded him that she likes to behave far away from encircled behaviors-which society had drawn  a red line around, and no one should across or go beyond those boundaries.!

And the thing which she believed in, made her diving more and more into, which meant addressing some others how to conduct.

 She wished showing off a certain  beauty to an artist or a poet, then seeing her image reflecting in an article or in an literature stuff or in a song or in a certain tablue.!

Meaning, she was liking to talk to others via some reflected feelings~ but before that- she hoped all  to respect each other-respecting other’s point of views.

She hoped, how  others should  manage  indulging themselves in the righteous way, living by humanitarian standards.

She  hoped also showing others, how  to respect an a belle friendship and respecting an art of an artist..!!




A Kurdish short story
written& translated

Ibrahim surchy

 South Kurdistan





































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