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 Poems written and translated: by Ibrahim Surchy

1-                                           visit


 Every day you pay a visit to me,  bring yourself near my desk table!

Looking into my writings-handwritings.

wishing  to know, what  I have  written!

Or you might liking to discover a glimpse of  freedom within a poem dedicated for your broken heart, or perhaps  you could in a poem find your  name..!



 2-                                             Pen



While the stress and sorrow poison  all over my body, it's wine  deforms   whole of my existence.!

 My pen comes  trying to  rescue my beingness from that toxin, drop by drop, lets it getting out of my body.

Bit by bit  recovers my body's integrity !

This is my only weapon, which I can fight with against the oppressive "Ahreman"

This pen is my only tool to get with, my freedom back!










                  The other day 




The other day, with out saying a word, you were urging   me to recite a poetry dedicated for you,


With out saying a word, with a hint you  asked me, to say and write a prose for you.

Your eyes moved me, your eyes were full of superb words, incited me to do so.!!

What should I write?!! I said

Well, I can tell the truth-the shorten way between hearts.
The truth~

I loved you indeed, when you loomed, from that day on-the day while I was looking for a special individual, unique girl like yours.

Since then, you became my  worry-and a major worry.

Then I tried to know and perceive, or puzzle out my worries and learn about your beauty-the secret of your beauty..!!

                                *             *             *

The other day, you came and became a power, which empowered me in more approaching, when I found you out there, as the most important than any thing I ever thought of.

That day when you felt  me, and I felt you- the day you appeared,  I noticed while you were whispering  your girl friend- I sensed you were telling her” why that guy keeps staring at me.”

                                    *               *              *

That day, when you and I  made our selves known to each other,  you were silently shouting at me, it looked like you were saying” how could you move into my life so soon trying to make affair with me, violently with out a permission opening my heart door, why you would like to do so..?!!   

It looked like you were saying this, while  regretting for what you had said, and with a coquetry manner your eyes were saying "sorry love I didn’t mean it."

                                       *           *            *

The other day when we felt of each other.. it was our love’s day-the love which have been so long imprisoned  within our hearts, forbidden in our country for ages, yet, excist everywhere, agitated  in different ways.!

That day, in the loving temple, with those aroused emotions, excited feelings, it seemed as we had gone back to our childhood days, along with pureness and innocent deeds.

                               *               *                *

Your grieve, ardent looking was made up out of three words:

you, and I , and a love~

me-the renovator, you-the freedom fighter,

 and along with a mysterious love.

That day, your intensive and delicate looking, was not a traditional one, while getting along, you were demolishing the walls of "the regarded  love as a sin." When you were erasing the slogans of "the not allowed love" off the society’s walls.!


When with the heart’s telescope, you were observing my thoughts, stepping forward, wishing to tend yourself in an affair only for a while-the while which holds all your existence.!

You were hiding yourself from the boredom, from hatred, from the death..!!

                                       *            *            *
You want to be disobedient, adventurous, only on behalf of love, when we met, and our youth  with the life's flowers got perfumed .

And the love drops lit every where, washing our blessed hearts.!



A poem by ibrahim surchy

South Kurdistan 














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Comment posted by Nona( infovfl93.de ), 01/10/2012 at 8:35am (UTC):
You're on top of the game. Thanks for sahirng.

Comment posted by Kulka( ), 12/29/2009 at 3:37pm (UTC):
"Pen" - is very close to what i feel and think. can i Have it in sorani, please?

Comment posted by ibrahim( ), 06/20/2009 at 5:28am (UTC):
Yes ZU, the "vist" is dedicated to a woman that inspired me a lot of my short stories and poems.

Comment posted by ZuOsman( ), 06/18/2009 at 7:59pm (UTC):
... to love and be loved, a lot of unpredictable changes happened that created the 'hopeless dream' like build a castle on the air...

Comment posted by ZuOsman( ), 05/11/2009 at 4:12am (UTC):
I know, its not easy to fight against oppressive Ahreman alone...

I like 'The other day '... your mood in this poem evoked my emotion

Comment posted by ZuOsman( ), 05/11/2009 at 3:09am (UTC):
hmmmm.... ' Visit ' may I know, did u dedicated this poem to somebody that touched ur heart ?

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